Welcome to the FABS Academy, website, where excellence meets education in the dynamic field of aesthetic plastic surgery. At FABS, we are dedicated to fostering a new era of learning, providing cutting-edge educational courses for professionals and residents alike. Our mission is to empower aspiring plastic surgeons with the knowledge, skills, and innovation required to excel in the ever-evolving realm of aesthetic surgery.

We choose our faculty very carefully for every course, ensuring that participants receive comprehensive and up-to-date insights into the latest advancements, techniques, and ethical considerations within aesthetic plastic surgery.

For residents aspiring to master the art and science of aesthetic surgery, FABS Academy provides specialized courses tailored to enhance practical skills, surgical techniques, and critical decision-making abilities. Our commitment to nurturing the next generation of plastic surgeons is at our base and we are very happy to be planning targeted activities later this year.

In addition to our courses, FABS Academy is proud to be developing an educational platform. This are will serve as a hub with additional educational materials, fostering continuous learning and professional development. Whether accessing exclusive video lectures, engaging in interactive forums, or staying updated on the latest research, our platform is being designed to be a comprehensive resource for those committed to excellence in aesthetic plastic surgery.

Keep connected with us at the FABS Academy and together, we can sculpt the future of aesthetic surgery education.

Professor Ash Mosahebi

Professor Alwyn D’Souza