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Saturday 11th November

09:30 Registration & Coffee
Session 1: Introduction to Aesthetic Breast Surgery
10:00 Registration and opening by the President of the Royals College of Surgeons of England
10:20 Science of Breast Implants - M. Sforza
10:40 Legal Considerations in Patient Selection for Aesthetic Breast Surgery – P. Ellis
11:00 Patient Expectations and Realistic Legal Issues in Aesthetic Breast Surgery – F. McCabe
11:20 Q&A
Session 2: Breast Anatomy and Physiology
11:30 Anatomical Landmarks and Variations in Breast Anatomy - A. Mosahebi
11:45 Implications of Breast Anatomy on Surgical Techniques in Aesthetic - S. Hamilton
12:00 Q&A
12:15 Opening Masterclass:
Evolution and Current Trends in Aesthetic Breast Surgery - J. J. Chacon - Founder and CEO Establishment Labs
12:45 Lunch
Session 3: Preoperative Evaluation and Planning
13:30 Comprehensive Preoperative Assessment in Aesthetic Breast Surgery - D. Stavrou
13:45 Analysis of Breast Shape, Size, and Symmetry for Treatment Planning – J. Centeno
14:00 Computer-Assisted Surgical Planning and 3D Imaging in Aesthetic Breast Surgery - M. Sforza - Lecture Sponsored by Crisalix
14:20 Q&A
14:30 Masterclass: Surgeons in the digital world: Risks and Opportunities - J. Soto
15:00 Coffee Break
Session 4: Breast Augmentation Techniques
15:15 Selection and Types of Breast Implants in Augmentation Mammaplasty – M. Moio
15:25 Incision Options: Pros and Cons in Breast Augmentation Surgery - D. Stavrou
15:35 Submuscular vs. Subglandular Implant Placement: Clinical Considerations - J. Centeno
15:45 Managing and Preventing Complications in Breast Augmentation Surgery - M. Sforza
15:55 Q&A
Session 5: Aesthetic Breast Reconstruction
16:00 Masterclass: the Development of a Surgeon Training for DIEP Flaps. But is this Really Sustainable? - A. Mosahebi - D. Nikkhah
16:40 Masterclass Reverse Expansion - F. Stillaert
17:00 Masterclass Flora - A. Tejerina
17:30 Q&A
17:40 Afternoon Tea with Champagne

Sunday 12th November

Session 6: Mastopexy (Breast Lift)
09:00 Types of Mastopexy Procedures: Vertical, Wise Pattern, and Periareolar Techniques - N. Nugent
09:15 Surgical Approaches to Correcting Ptosis and Reshaping the Breast - N. Nugent
09:30 Augmentation-Mastopexy: Combining Lift and Augmentation Procedures - J. Centeno
09:45 Postoperative Care and Management of Complications in Mastopexy - D. Stavrou
10:00 Q&A
Session 7: Breast Reduction
10:15 Different Approaches to Breast Reduction: Vertical, Anchor, and Liposuction Techniques - F. Stillaert
10:30 Surgical Planning and Technique Selection in Breast Reduction Surgery - M. Sforza
10:45 Nipple-Areolar Complex Management in Breast Reduction: Strategies and Outcomes - A. Tejerina
11:00 Long-Term Patient Satisfaction and Quality of Life after Breast Reduction Surgery - J. Centeno
11:15 Q&A
11:30 Coffee Break
Session 8: Revisional Breast Surgery
11:45 Common Complications in Aesthetic Breast Surgery: Recognition and Management – D. Stavrou
12:00 Strategies for Correction of Capsular Contracture in Breast Implants – J. Centeno
12:15 Addressing Implant Malposition and Symmetry Issues in Revision Surgery – M. Moio
12:30 Scar Revision Techniques and Optimizing Aesthetic Outcomes in Revisional Surgery – M. Sforza
12:45 Q&A
13:00 Lunch
13:15 3D patients simulations: How to do it? – M. Sforza - Lunch Lecture Sponsored by Crisalix
Session 9: Mini Facial Surgery Panel
13:45 Upper Blepharoplasty - the Basics – M. Sforza
14:00 Lower Blepharoplasty - the Basics – G. Botti
14:15 Complications in Blepharoplasty 1 – M. Sforza
14:30 Complications in Blepharoplasty 2 - G.Botti
14:45 Q&A
15:00 Coffee Break
Session 10: Beginners Guides to Starting Facelifts
15:30 Making Facelifts Less Scary - G. Botti
16:00 Q&A
16:30 Discussion